Nearly a Century of Expertise in Waste Management and Recycling Services

AAA Rubbish, based in Los Angeles, was founded in 1924 with a simple principle in mind: treat our customers as we ourselves would want to be treated. With this driving principle in mind, our company was fortunate enough to survive through the Great Depression and has grown to become one of the most respected waste disposal companies industry wide.

Today we are in our fourth generation, and we still hold true to that core principle that our company was founded upon. It has served as a solid foundation with which to lead the company into the future. As such, all of our employees are instilled with our core principle from the first day they walk through our doors.

While our fleet and operation has grown exponentially since our first truck (pictured) in 1924, we have been and always will be the type of company that believes in cultivating a working relationship with our customer just like our great-grandfather did when he founded the company.

AAA Rubbish 1924 roll-off truck